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    Hesco Barrier
    • Hesco Barrier
    • Hesco Barrier
    • Hesco Barrier
    • Hesco Barrier
    • Hesco Barrier

    Hesco Barrier

    Mesh Size:76.2×76.2mm

    Wire Diameter:4.0mm,5.0mm


    Surface:Hot dipped galvanized

    Other size are available




    358 Anti-climb Security Fence manufacturers
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    • The HESCO barrier come in a variety of sizes. Most of the hesco can also be stacked,it is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, and used as a temporary to semi-permanent dike or barrier against blast or small-arms.

      Hesco Barrier Features

      ● Having a Galfan coated steel mesh frameworkl

      ● Integrated cells to provide internal structural integrity.

      ● Exceptional strength and structural integrity

      ● High tensile and anti-impact capability

      ● Making transportation efficient and rapid

      Hesco Barrier Application

      Perimeter security and defensing walls

      Equipment revetments

      explosive and contraband search areas

      Ammunition compounds

      Personnel and material bunkers

      Observation points

      Defensive firing positions

      Highway checkpoints

      Border crossing checkpoints

      Protection existing structures

      High way traffic management

      Flood control

      Water courses

      Emergency flood deployment

      Erosion control

    • Welded Gabion Specification
      MIL1 5442 R54"(1.37M)42"(1.06M)32&'9"(10M)
      MIL2 2424 R24" (0.61M)24"(0.61M)4&'(1.22M)
      MIL3 3939 R39"(1.00M)39"(1.00M)32&'9"(10M)
      MIL4 3960 R39"(1.00M)60"(1.52M)32&'9"(10M)
      MIL5 2424 R24"(0.61M)24"(0.61M)10&'(3.05M)
      MIL6 6624 R66"(1.68M)24"(0.61M)10&'(3.05M)
      MIL7 8784 R87"(2.21M)84"(2.13M)91&'(27.74M)
      MIL8 5448 R54"(1.37M)48"(1.22M)32&'9"(10M)
      MIL9 3930 R39"(1.00M)30"(0.76M)30"(9.14M)
      MIL10 8760 R87"(2.21M)60"(1.52M)100&'(32.50M)
      MIL11 4812 R48"(1.22M)12"(0.30M)4&'(1.22M)
      MIL12 8442 R84"(2.13M)42"(1.06M)108&'(33M)
    • Hesco Barrier Wire diameter: 4mm - 5mm

      Military Barrier Mesh Size: 76.2mm x 76.2mm, 100mm x 100mm

      Military Barrier Panel size: 2.21m x2.13m, 1.37m x1.06m, 0.61m x0.61m, it also can be customized according to customers’ requirement

      Geotextile: in heavy duty non-woven polypropylene

      Finish: hot dipped galvanized, zinc-aluminum alloy coated after welded

      Packing: wrapped with shrink film or packed in pallet.

      Steel grade can be chose.

    • Delivery Terms:FOB, CIF

      Payment Currency:USD, EUR, AUD,JPY, CAD, GBP, CNY

      Payment Item:T/T, L/C, PayPal, Escrow

      Nearest Port:Xingang port,Qingdao port

      Delivery Time:General after 25days upon received T/T30% advance payment

      Popular Payment detail: T/T 30% in advance as deposit, the balance against received the copy of B/L.


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